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Maui, Hawaii

The Temple of Peace 

January 28th- 6-8 PM - with Q&A

Portland, ORegon

Neveh Shalom

March 13th- 2 PM Unitarian Church 


Havurah Shalom

March 18th- 7 PM 

Panelists : Charles Blanke - Havurah member and OHSU oncologist who is also involved with Death with Dignity, Rabbi Benjamin Barnett, Karen Erde - Havurah member and Palliative Care physician and Susan Hedlund - OHSU Director of Oncology patient and family services, a Social Worker for over 30 years in the field of oncology and hospice.  Please RSVP



Encore at the Clinton Street Theater

April 4th - 7 PM


Unitarian Church of Oregon City 

April 8th 

TOUR of NE starts May 14th in Philadelphia