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The next festival screenings are October 19th in Astoria, Oregon, and late October date TBA - The Portland Film Festival

Screenings this Fall include a 2nd tour of New England :

October 23rd- University of Albany, NY 5:45 PM

October 25th - Massachusetts Council on Aging Conference

October 26th - Day of the Dead Arts Festival in Provincetown, MA 10 AM

October 27 (TBA) - Quality of Life Task Force on Cape Cod

October 28th - The Garden Room at Groh Farm, Wilton, NH 4:30 PM

October 29th - High Pointe House, Haverhill 2:30 PM

October 30th - Andover, MA. 7 PM

November 1st - Mt Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA 6 PM

November 2nd - Stafford Community and Senior Center Stafford Springs , CT 7 PM

November 3rd - South Hadley, MA 10 AM

November 4th - Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA 7 PM

November 5th - Russell Sage College, NY 5:30 PM

Also scheduled:

September 22nd - The Gay Grey Expo at Friendly House in NW Portland, OR @10 AM

September 23rd - Death Salon in London, England

October 16th - OLLI in Athens, Georgia (sold out)

October 17th - Ashland Oregon c/o

November 1st - at reimagine NY, as part of a death with dignity workshop

November 1st - The Guild Theater in Albuquerque, NM, Before I Die Festival

November 2nd - Presented by A Mindful Death Doula Service, Sackville, Canada

November 15th - Hospice and Palliative Care Alliance of NH

Undergraduate class - DA’AT Institute